Employment Can Improve Meaning & Purpose In Your Recovery Journey.



  S.E. is an evidence based program from SAMHSA.  In 2001, A review of 17 studies involving employment programs showed 58% of individuals in Supported employment obtained a job, compared to 21% in traditional programs.  

How Supported Employment Can Help.

Supported Employment Specialists at REN believe all people can work if they want to.

We are peers helping peers; therefore, we understand that going to work can be full of challenges. 

Through One-on-one engagement, we will do everything we can for you.

This service provides help with DB101 and benefits advising, so you can feel confident about going back to work.

After you have gained employment we will provide support while you are working.

You will not be on this journey alone, we will work with you and your clinical team to support you in achieving your goals for employment! 

What Does Supported Employment Offer?

Zero Exclusion

Competitive Jobs

Rapid Employment

Benefits Counseling (DB101)

One-On-One Training

Job Preferences based on ability, location & needs

Mock Interviews

Dress For Success Resources For Interview & Work Attire

Resume Building

Interview & Continuous Job Support

Transportation For Job Interviews

On-The-Job Career Support

Download Our S.E. Brochure

Supported Employment (pdf)


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