Groups & Activities in Wickenburg



Learn the advocacy skills to better communicate with others and take an active role in our journey.  

Assertiveness and Boundaries

 Discover techniques in setting boundaries, discovering the art of compassionate communication and skills for enhancing relationships with others. 


Learn tips and techniques and share ideas that may improve our financial dimensions of wellness.

  •  Budgeting on a Dime - This monthly interactive activity allows us to put our budgeting skills into practice while enjoying a meal with peers and celebrating monthly accomplishments.  
  •  Soroptomist Outing/ Budgeting -  Members receive a budget of $5 to spend while learning techniques to be resourceful and thrifty.   

One-On-One Peer Support

 Staff is available before and after groups for support in moving towards your individual goals. 

Diabetes and Nutrition Awareness

 Learn and discover ways of implementing changes on creating a healthier lifestyle and improving our overall health and wellness.  

Healthy Cooking Class

 Join us for this hands-on cooking class where we create a list, research nutritional information, practice budgeting skills and prepare a nutritional recipe.  



 Join us for an offsite guided group meditation in the community, featuring a variety of formats including sound, essential oils, walking, or focal, led by skilled facilitator trained in Reiki healing.  

Movie Outing

 Join us for an outing to the movies and enjoy a show. Bring extra money for a snack and drink, if you would like. Lunch is provided. 

Open Topic

  No materials needed for this one, share what’s on your mind in a environment that offers safety and belonging.

Saguaro Jane’s

This outing is for members in the Wittmann and Wickenburg area. Join us in receiving an abundance of fresh produce, grains and meals from this wonderful resource in Wittmann. *Limit 3, see Crystal for sign up, zip code eligible.

Self Esteem/Self Care

 Explore techniques that may improve self esteem and increase overall wellness and explore the importance of having a self care routine.