Originated By Peers, For Peers!


About REN

  Recovery Empowerment Network is here to provide a path to wellness through the support of someone who has been where you are, and services to help guide you through the healthcare system. 

At REN, we walk hand in hand with you on your wellness journey. Together, we teach individuals new skills and how to apply the tools they already have with support to help you move towards your recovery goals. We know that every journey is different, REN staff will meet you where you're at on your road to recovery. 

We are a community service agency staffed by those who have lived experience. With 15 years of history serving Maricopa County and guiding our members through all varieties of recovery, we have acquired a unique and diverse approach to intentional emotional wellness through groups, activities, community outings & events.  Make your journey with us!  

Meet the CEO!

A little bit about April…

 Our staff and members welcomed April to the Chief Executive Officer position with open arms and eagerness to see her into the new role as Chief Executive Officer on September 18th 2019!  

April started her career at REN in May of 2014.Throughout the past 5 years at Recovery Empowerment Network, she has held several roles leading up to Interim CEO. The most recent of her accomplishments include Interim CEO, Senior Officer of Finance & HR, Director of Finance as well as Finance Manager. 

Her education and background are well-suited for the ever changing world of behavioral health. April has dedicated years of her life to learning and self-development. She has accumulated a Masters in Psychology at Grand Canyon University, a Bachelor's degree in Psychology at Texas A&M University, as well as an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice at Del Mar College. While focusing on the behavioral health field, April’s dedication to investing in others lead her to achieve a few more certifications such as, Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP), Certified Behavioral Health Tech (CBTH), Confidentiality, HIPAA, CPR and First Aid Certified. April took her devotion for education and non-profit work and combined it to attend The Sanford Fundraising Academy and completed studies at ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation Social Impact Measurement. 

 April has given her heart and time to volunteering and non-profits for 20 years. Her passion stems from personal experience through family and friends affected by behavioral health. 

As a community service agency, we’re excited to have someone who has the experience and education to help REN make a difference in our community!


April Dickerson

“As a mother and granddaughter of peers, I’ve seen how much people you love can suffer from mental illness. 

As a peer, I know I can make a difference. “ 

- April Dickerson.   

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