Peer Support Certification


What is a peer support?

  A peer support worker, also known as a peer specialist, is a person with significant life-altering experience.  

This is also referred to as "lived experience". These individuals provide help to others who with have struggles pertaining to mental health, psychological trauma or substance use.   


Our credentialing as a Peer Support Specialist is recognized around the world.

 Peer Support Specialists can work across a number of areas in the mental health system. This can include public, community and private settings.   

Their most common role is peer support, which is directly supporting people who are experiencing mental illness  by sharing their lived experience. 


How do I become a qualified Peer Support Specialist?

REN's engaging and dynamic training will provide you with knowledge, skills and tools to assist you in your recovery journey. Along with a new set of skills, RST allows you to become credentialed as a Peer Support Specialist.  

Contact our RST Instructors at (602) 248-0368 Ext. 2071

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Peer support specialist can have an impact on individuals, family, coworkers or even strangers by sharing their knowledge of situations & learned skills

 Not only will (RST) help you and those around you; it will open doors to a career that you can utilize for a life time. Here at REN we walk hand-in-hand with you while you learn how to use the keys to open new doors and achieve your goals. 

RST | Recovery Support Training (Peer Support)

Take REN's Peer Support Course & get your certificate. This class will help you with the knowledge on your journey to becoming a peer support specialist. We'll introduce you to the peer support community and give you first hand experience through our REN programs. 


Already have your Peer Support Certificate?

Follow up with our Supported Employment Specialist and start your career!

APS | Advanced Peer Support

You asked, we delivered!  Try out our in-depth Advanced Peer Support Course. Get deeper into the values and skills that it takes to be a great Peer Specialist. 

Michelle Frantom BHT 

Career Advisor Program Manager